Thursday, November 19, 2009

Updates and DDI reveals!

Two big updates came down the pipes this week, one of rules, one of the DDI software.

First of all, a HUGE update to the errata documents - problems it fixed: Problems relating to wizards having access to new implements (orbs), weird kill everything problems or other recursive issues (Rod of reaving, stalker's armour, bloodiron weapon, Brutal Enchantment etc), Power level issues with DMG traps and MM1 monsters, Double Weapons have major changes - only some count as two-handed weapons now (despite being held in two hands to be used) and each side of the weapon is now detailed (and double sword is ONLY a light blade now). Bloodclaw Weapon was nerfed so its not ridiculously better than just about everything else. And many other items from AV1 were changed. Some 1dX vs. [W] problems for the swordmage got ironed out. Small Characters can effectively be Barbarians by changing the At-wills to require wielding a weapon two-handed instead of a two handed weapon.

This is only the tip of the iceburg - I would recommend you double check your character builds. Get the Update Here.

Also Character builder/Compendium/moster builder updated - (with errata I believe) - The update included the final version of the Monk build that was previously available - the contemplative monk. It's undergone a number of changes including aligning its Ki focus with the rules used for the Assassin, no [W] powers and increased damage on many powers. Oh and a change I requested - Religion as a Class Skill. Article is here.
More subtle changes were also made to the Wilden, the race that was playtested a while ago. A number of its power and abilities were re-worded, (including a quizzical "2nd level" on the encounter powers) the most interesting thing was the inclusion of a name of a class which Wilden are supposed to be good: Battlemind.
Clearly a name of a new psionic class, likely a defender.

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