Thursday, November 26, 2009

Changes to DDM heroes line? Delays to the 3rd set of Heroes?

As many have noticed, there is no announced release for a Third round of Player's Handbook Miniatures, and some speculation that the line has been canceled.

Trevor from WotC's community team piped in here about this.

"The D&D minis line is not going away, and while I don't have very specific details about future releases, more information wil [sic] be available in early 2010.

As to PHH3, it is not going to be out first quarter, which is why you're not seeing any information on it. Again, look for more information early next year.

On to the information I do have - In addition to several DDM releases planned for 2010, D&D Minis will be included in the Castle Ravenloft board game, and don't forget to check out the D&D Heroscape Master Set. This latest version of the build-and-battle miniatures game will have some iconic characters and monsters from the worlds of D&D that you might be interested in, and that hits stores on January 4th.

Anyway, I hope to have more information for you soon (ie, early 2010), either here or on the main website. Until then, I hope this clears up some of the confusion.

... no not really, doesn't clear up the confusion at all.

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