Monday, October 26, 2009

Official Previews for 10/26/2009

Two previews today, one for Draconomicon 2, one for Savage Encounters - the next D&D Miniatures set.

5 New miniatiures are in the Minis preview, pictured is the Sorrowsworn Reaper. Check the whole article out here - Including a very nice looking hobgoblin and a Salamander Archer that will be a visible.

The Draconomicon: Metalic Dragons preview is about Draconic Organizations, specifically the Guardians of the Gate, a group that seeks portals to other worlds!

Check that one out here

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rodney Thompson is getting back into the Dark Sun blogging game, and wrote a lot - mostly on tone of the the book, as seen by a original (1991) box-set purist.
Here are the most important quotes:

Athas is a desolate place where survival is not assured, where the very land can kill you, and where even the points of light (to use a 4E-favorite term) are ruled by darkness. It's a world of sword-and-sandal adventuring, of low tech and dangerous magic. It's a world where psionics is common, and where there are no gods to pray to or receive power from. It's a world where the land is struggling to stay alive, and its defenders face a near-hopeless task to keep it that way. Dark Sun is a dangerous world, a world of survival of the fittest,'s also a world for heroes. They might not think of themselves as such, but Athas is a place where evil rules so long as the common man does nothing.

Dark Sun is a setting that is zoomed in on a relatively small geographical area. There's a lot of diversity in that small area, but it's not hard to imagine world-spanning plots when the known world isn't much bigger than the American southwest. I also love the fact that the story of Dark Sun is about Athas, and that the focus remains on the world and not plane-hopping, god-fighting, or wars between extraplanar beings. It's about the here and now, the fact that death and extinction are very real things and that there's no such thing as divine intervention to save you at the last minute. Your fate on Athas is in your own hands, and while life may be nasty, brutish, and also are the only one who can change that.

It's not a kitchen sink setting by any means; there are things that are part of other settings which simply won't be seen in the Dark Sun setting. There are also a few new things which fit the setting really well. Rich has already talked about the dragonborn a little bit (though he left out that we're also keeping the original backstory of the dray, that they were exiled from Giustenal and have a racial pathos about being scorned by their creator), so you know that some things won't be exactly the same. (emphasis added)

The sorcerer-kings rule over the city-states, using their templars as their agents throughout their domains. Savage raiders make the desert wastes even more unsafe than it already is. Giants wade across the Sea of Silt, staging raids on shoreline settlements and attacking passing silt craft. The Dragon still demands tribute from each city-state, and looms over the land like a force of pure destruction. Defilers destroy life to fuel their own arcane ambitions. Merchant houses still squabble amongs [sic] themselves, and wield a great deal of power outside of the sorcerer-kings' control. Mul gladiators still fight in the slave pits, and thri-kreen scouts lurk at the edge of rarely-traveled caravan paths, waiting to strike. Halfling cannibals still stalk the night like ghosts, and untrustworthy elves still lie, cheat, and steal from their victims in the Elven Market. The Veiled Alliance provides shelter from the authorities (and from the mobs of common folk who fear and hate them) for preservers, and they still fight defilers at every step. Ancient ruins filled with undead still lie in the deep desert, holding both danger and treasures of the ancient world.

The Full original Article is here

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Official Previews for 10/23/2009 - Bonus

Hey looks a Mini's preview went up in the middle of the day yesterday so I missed it!

What do we got... 5 Really cool looking minis from Savage Encounters!

Go take a look here

Friday, October 23, 2009

Official Previews for 10/23/2009

Today's preview is all about Dragon Encounters, talking about fights not to kill, but to subdue, or duel with a dragon. Its here

And I missed monday's preview about the role of good an evil with metallic dragons, that's here

Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Primal Power spoilers.

Bartoneus posted his review of Primal Power (out on tuesday the 20th of October) as well as some spoilers, most of which already appeared on his twitter - but there are a number of new ones. Check out the post on

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Deserts of Athas - Dungeon Tiles set for June 2010

Looks like Dark Sun is getting its own set of Dungeon Tiles - coming out on June 15 2010. Take a look on Amazon

Friday, October 16, 2009

Errata coming soon?

There hasn't been any updates since July, so another round seems to be coming soon - this statement: @gregbisland Is whipping up a tasty new batch of #dnd errata. Yum yum. (here) is a good indication also.

Official Previews for 10/16/2009

There's an epic destiny to look at!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Whirling Barbarian Text from Trevor Kidd


Rich Baker on 'Crunchy bits' in Dark Sun

Hey look Rich Baker has another blog post!

"We're working hard to finish up the design and development stages of the two Dark Sun books, and get them over to editing. It's a bit of a scramble, because we've got a lot of crunchy bits by a number of different contributors scattered across the books, including Rob Schwalb, Ari Marmell, Bruce Cordell, Chris Sims, Logan Bonner, and Travis Stout. As you might imagine, Dark Sun demands more crunchy bits than our previous two campaign settings: muls, thri-kreen, gladiators, templars, defiling, world-suitable paragon paths and epic destinies, weapons, items, and of course, buckets full of freakish desert monsters."
"...but just about any "core" character you build should still find plenty of Athasian trappings. Sure, you might be a dragonborn fighter, but we've got ways to make that guy feel like he's just as appropriate in the setting as your thri-kreen ranger or mul gladiator."

So Muls and Thi-Kreen are confirmed as races (and conversely there is no mention of half-giants, perhaps Goliaths will take their place)
As we no there are no new classes in the book, we have to assume mechanics for Gladiators, Templars and Defiling are new mechanics - or reworkings of mechanics like spellscarred.
Also we get confirmation that the new 4E races are being fitted into Dark Sun for sure - at least Dragonborn anyway.

check out the blog post here

Primal Power previews on twitter

@bartoneus is tweeting about Primal Power Based on questions tagged with #primalpower.

What we have so far:

Spirits Channeled in rages for Barbarian: Tiger, Serpent, Primal Banshee, Scytheclaw, Elder Tuskbrother, Raptor, Thundering Rhino - lots of elements too (here)

Shaman Builds/Class Features: Eagle Shaman - enemies can't gain cover & count as nearest, World Speaker Shaman -allies gain bonus vs OA near Spirit (here)

Druid Builds: Swarm Druid turns into swarms of small animals/insects, Summoner Druid has no new feature but lots of daily summons (here)

Re Thunderborn Barbarians, and at wills for Druid: Thunderborn gives you a nice Warcry, closeblast 3 and pushes 1 sq - Druid at-will = Firehawk, ranged 10 fire attack! (here)

here's a LOT of great fluff, several pages on the Great Elder spirits including the great bear and soul serpent (here)

Animals Summoned by Summoner druid: very nifty! Boar, Giant Toad, Fire Beetle, Ape, Panther, Crocodile, Bear, Eagle, Bat, Tiger, Wolves, & Behemoths (here)

Healing and Buffs for Druids?: the #primalpower Druid has some minor buffs/heals at low level, some utilities that help allies, but not a ton though! (here)

Coiled Serpent paragon path adds 2d6 poison to melee beast attacks at level 16, it's stealthy and quick too! (here)

Official Previews for 10/14/2009

or how I learned to stop worrying and E3 the Prince of Undeath Excerpts

Lots of stuff in today's preview, overviews, items and 3 encounters!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Official Previews for 10/12/2009

Big excerpt for the Warden:
whats in it:
name of builds: Life Warden (healing), Storm Warden (moving opponents)
Class features: there are two, one is called Stormheart
and a number of powers.

check it out

Friday, October 9, 2009

Official Previews for 10/09/2009


Thats right, FEATS!

from primal power in today's excerpt.

hey look, still barely any racial feats for the eberron races!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Steel and "Radiant" dragons in Draconomicon 2

Rich Baker's Blog is again oozing up bits of valuable spoilers: "By way of another little spoiler... yes, the brass and bronze dragons appear in Draconomicon 2. We've got several other "new" metallics, some of which update dragons that appeared in earlier editions - for instance, the steel dragon - and others of which borrow older-edition dragons like the radiant dragon and seriously reconcept them. And, finally, we've got a couple that are brand-new for 4th Edition, too!"

check out the whole post (it includes some cool information on Dragon Motivations too!) here

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Official previews for 10/7/09

Just one quick one today - Dungeon tiles!
DU5 Sinister Woods - a forest themed set

take a look at some of the purdy tiles here

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Seeker is Primal?

Despite official information stating the seeker being a divine controller, in the actual update it is a PRIMAL controller.

More to come.

Seeker is an Archer

Scant few hours before the update of the compendium goes live and all of us subscribers gain access to the Seeker, the 'frontpage' for Dragon Magazine has updated with more information than the Calendar.

The next class from Player's Handbook 3 is here, exclusively on D&D Insider! Learn about the seeker, an archer who controls the battlefield through the mystical powers granted by her connection to the divine.

... So it seems we're getting a Divine controller archer? Awesome. Perfect for a Silver Flamite in Eberron :D

...also woo more dragonshard items :D

Monday, October 5, 2009

Player's Handbook Collection in November

Take a look at what is on Amazon here

4th Edition Player's Handbook Collection: 4th Edition D&D Core Rulebooks (Hardcover)
by Rob Heinsoo (Author), Andy Collins (Author), James Wyatt (Author), Jeremy Crawford (Author), Mike Mearls (Author)

# Publisher: Wizards of the Coast (November 17, 2009)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 078695552X
# ISBN-13: 978-0786955527

Based on the listed authors this is almost definitely a two-pack of Player's Handbook 1 and 2, and is the price of just one of them!

Based on further research, the set is not (yet) listed on the Canadian or British amazons, but is available on the Canadian bookseller Chapters' site.

Official Previews for 10/05/2009

Ok I'm sick so this is going to be quick - in Ampersand (sub) here we see Dragonborn paragon path from the PHB Races: Dragonborn book

Here is a shaman PP from Primal power. There is a new class feature called the Watcher Spirit- builds are eagle shaman and world speaker.

Lastly is october & beyond - (here) has too much to go over completely - I'll just list the books featured: Primal Power, E3 Prince of Undeath, Dracononomicon 2, The Plane Below,

Friday, October 2, 2009

Official Previews for 10/02/2009

A new Primal Power preview talks about new Backgrounds available to all characters, but especially Primal themed characters. These new ones previewed include- Geography: Broken Lands and Society: Disgraced. A new feature is extra racial backgrounds- with a primal bent - included in the preview is Dragonborn: Dragon Totem Warrior and Drow: Underdark Survivor.

Now check it out yourself

Dark Sun design teasers from Rich Baker.

Richard Baker is making use of his new 'Wizbook' blog to talk about the design of the Dark Sun campaign setting. His two posts thus far have talked about types of desert terrain, and therefore that the plan is to have an overview about the different types of deserts. (link) The more revealing post is the more recent one (link) that confirms that there will be the Mul race, and that there may be some sort of mechanics for the Templar. The bulk of the post talks about some minor changes to the map to explain certain features of the desert.