Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Player's Hanbook 3 Debut #4 to be of the "Seeker"

With the brand new site design, also comes a new Editorial Calendar (Now called a content calendar)

The some highlights -
A new Race... the Vistani (split into two articles? one on October 5th, the other on the 9th.)
A lot of new DM articles for Dungeon, and two Class Essentials, the Barbarian and the Wizard.

The big item though of course is the PHB debut content, this time its another class... and one that hadn't been confirmed before... the Seeker!

Nothing beyond the name is yet known. The content will debut in a subscription only DDI article on October the 6th, and will be in with the updates of the compendium and the character builder.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Official Previews for 9/28/2009

Hark a preview! This officially confirms the Swarm Druid I talked about the other day and shows off some of the themed powers, mostly bursts and blasts (often with lingering zones of prickly things.)
The class feature is pretty much as told.

Check it out! (here)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Official Previews for 9/25/2009

Quick one today - Primal Rituals! 8 new nature based ones listed, 2 detailed.
check it out!

And look, a preview schedule!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Swarm and Summoner Druid Build in Primal Power

According to the DMG2 there is going to be a new build of druid, called the "Swarm Druid".

Kamikazigerbil from the WotC boards (here) saw an advanced copy at a British World Wide Game Day event - and revealed the build takes damage like swarms do (less from single target attacks, more from multi-target attacks) while in beast form.

He also confirmed the Summoner Build of the druid (we've had a few powers in DDI for a while now)

Official Previews for 9/21/2009

Basic preview today for Primal power, a firey barbarian paragon path called the Stonefire Rager, great for those barbarians with good Con bonuses, check it out here.

Also, the Epic portion of the Assassin went up here (subscription required) including an Epic Destiny.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dual Weapon Barbarian Build in Primal Power?

In This weekend's World-Wide D&D game day event for the release of the DMG2, one of the pre-generated characters, a halfling barbarian, dual wielded Scimitars, has a two-weapon using at-will, encounter and daily power.

There is a feat the fighter-pregen used that worked differently than printed in Dragon- so that possibly changed also - perhaps for Martial Power 2.

When more information/scans etc come available I will update/make a new post



Some Power names & descriptions from here: Whirling Strike (1[W]+str and 1[W] to another target); Brutal Slam; Whirling Frenzy (Targets AC or Reflex, damages YOU on a miss)

Monday, September 14, 2009

No New Class in Player's Guide to Dark Sun

According to James Wyatt, in an interview with newbieDM:
[...] You should expect the unexpected! I don’t ever want the design team to fall into ruts or do things because that’s what we’ve done before. For example, when we started Dark Sun design, we had a lot of discussions about what class we should include in the book, because we had introduced a class in each of our previous two campaign setting Player’s Guides. But first we had to ask the question of whether a new class was the right thing to add to the game in Dark Sun, and ultimately we decided no. So instead, Dark Sun is going to offer an entirely new mechanic that will take you by surprise. Stay tuned!

There is speculation that this new mechanic will be defiling/preserving.

DMG2 Artifact on Facebook; Paragon Tier of Assassin on DDI

Most of the new Heroic Tier Artifact the "Adamantine Horse of Xarn" was posted on Facebook today here
The DMG2, where it is located comes out tomorrow.

And here (sub required) is the 2nd of 4 articles on the Assassin

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Assasin Heroic tier out, follow up on way after Paragon & Epic.

The heroic tier building blocks of the Assassin were released on Friday this week here (DDI Subscription required) - including a lot of class feats and racial feats for all of the PHB races.

However, there seems to be a little confusion on how some of the class abilities and features work, especially the shroud and the Ki Focus.
Trevor Kidd from wotc said there is going to be a follow up article after the Paragon and Epic portions of the class are released next week (see post here)

He went on to say:
"However, there will be an assassin follow-up article some time in the future that will include specific assassin key focus implement enhancements that do stuff beyond the basic attack and damage buff.

This follow-up article will be in addition to the paragon and epic tier assassin articles, and should include more powers for both builds and more feats along with those ki focus magic items. I don't have an exact date for this follow-up article but it should be out before PH3, and combined with the three tier articles, should give us plenty assassin material to keep us busy!

So keep a look out for the follow up article with Ki focus implement items, more powers and feats (hopefully racials for the Setting and Dragon/Monster races too!)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Official Previews for 9/11/2009

Last DMG2 preview today, covering paragon adventuring.

In this there is advice on the type of adventuring that is usually best within this tier of play, as well as the possibility of ruling a nation.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Official Previews for 9/09/2009

More previews today, we're going to get spoiled! (ooh...)

Big excerpts from Revenge of the Giants - Synopsis of the entire adventure, three whole encounters and new magic items too! check it all out here

Also another 3.5 converstion - this time for the adventure Fortress of the Yuan-ti - lots of monsters for the builder/compendium even if you don't have the adventure!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Official Previews for 9/08/2009

Due to the labour day holiday, Wizards of the Coast did their previews a day late this week, that's all good though, because we get a big dose because on of them is the September and Beyond!

The DMG excerpt is an important one, its about non-magic item rewards - divine boons, legendary boons and grandmaster training. - article

These use basically the same system as magic items, they have a value, a level, have powers and properties. The main difference is that they last only 5 levels from when the character gets them. (Because normally items are upgraded/traded/sold and there needs to be a way to remove them somehow)
Two Divine Boons shown are Ioun's Revelation, and The Raven Queen's Shroud.

In the Previews for September and Beyond Bart Carroll covers a number of books, starting with Revenge of the Giants.

For that super adventure he shows off an Item Set for a group of adventurers - one for each party role - the full stats are shown for the Champion's Ring.
Also a encounter is shown off - Starting with an infiltration skill challenge, and followed by an encounter with some giants and their drake.

There is a bit about Artifacts from the DMG2 - How to use them and a the entire stats for the amulet of passage: a heroic tier neck slot item that lets you and an attuned ally to teleport.

The Primal power preview talks about the creation of the Primal Power Source, then shows off an epic destiny for Druids - the Sovereign beast: the destiny to become a new Elder Primal Spirit

For the last adventure in the series that started with H1- E3 Prince of Undeath - they talk about the 'big bad' himself - Orcus.

The last October release show is the Dungeon Tiles set, DU5 Sinister Woods. Three tiles are show, two with both interior and exterior features, and a little pond or big puddle.

The Last Preview is Draconomicon 2: Metallic Dragons - and they show off the King of the Metallics, the Platinum Dragon himself, or at least one form of him - the Old Man with the Canaries. A level 36 solo monster, and one of the few Lawful good monsters that exist so far in 4th Edition.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Official Previews for 9/04/2009

Only the DMG2 for 'official previews today' - today showing off a Demogorgon themed template. Take a look here.

In the subscriber side, Ampersand (here, subscription required) talks about two forthcoming books, Underdark, and Martial Power 2

The Underdark section talks about an area of the underdark where Beholders are able to actually get together without wanting to kill each other, and is the birthplace of beholders, thus its name, The Hatching.

The much more interesting thing (to me) is the Martial Power 2 excerpt. This talks about a new ritualesque system for non-magical characters, called Martial Practices. They have components like rituals and alchemy, but most are strenuous, so use healing surges also. The feat to gain these is called Practiced Study; and 3 practices are shown: Alter Ego - a non-magical disguise self like practice; Precise Forgery - Fabricate Documents; Speak Without Word - helps with pantomiming communication.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Player's Hanbook 3 Debut #3 - Skill Powers

A brand new system from Player's Handbook 3 is being debuted here (subscription required) and in the character builder/compendium update today - what are skill powers you ask? Well they are powers that can be taken in place of a class utility power as long as you are trained in the correct skill, so a rogue or a wizard with training in bluff both could take a level 2 bluff power at level 2.

It seems like a very neat new system, and this debut includes about half of the new skill powers.

Character Builder/Compendium Update NOT pushed back

Trevor Kidd passed some bad information, so disregard this and pay attention to:

@Trevor_Wotc I passed on some bad information in my sick stupor yesterday, sorry - DDI Character Builder update is today as originally planned #dnd #ddi (post)

Character Builder/Compendium Update pushed back

Despite what the editorial calendar still says, the updates will not be today -

Trevor Kidd wrote "@Trevor_Wotc DDI character builder update pushed to 9/8 for some needed bug squashing time #dnd #ddi" (original post here)

So everything is moved a week, and looks like its going up along with the Monster Builder Update, and the regular update (which is delayed due to the monday being a holiday)